Message of Solidarity with Cuba

To Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP)

Dear Friends,

For days, we have been following with deep concern the destruction in Cuba caused by the hurricane Irma. We would like to share our sorrow and sentiments of solidarity for the losses of lives and material damage that inflicts a heavy blow on the Cuban economy.

We know that a hard process of recovery is waiting for Cuba. However, we are convinced that the Cuban people, who have shown the utmost ability to mobilize in an organized and planned way and with great discipline and fraternity when awaiting Irma, will show the same ability during the reconstruction of the regions damaged by the hurricane. The revolutionary values of the people and the decisiveness of the socialist Cuban state not to leave any of its citizens alone will prevail all the hardship.

We have seen how the people of the capitalist countries in the region, affected by the hurricane have been left to their fate. Cuba is the compass of all, who long for a world where nobody is left to his fate. That is why Cuba is not alone. We declare that we will use all our means to help Cuba to get over its hard times; and also continue our tireless struggle against the policy of blockade, which itself has turned into a permanent catastrophe.


Turkish-Cuban Friendship Association “José Martí”